Russian Jazz World is a non-government public initiative with a goal to represent on the international level the jazz scene in Russia, and the Russian jazz artists who reside in Russia or in other countries, as a living and lively community of jazz schools, clubs, festivals, promoters, researchers, broadcasters, journalists and, most significantly, hundreds of jazz musicians. LEARN MORE!
Since 2016, we represent Russia’s jazz scene at jazzahead! as the country’s national umbrella stand. The list of Russian jazz market’s key players represented by Russian Jazz World is on the right (desktop view) or on the bottom of this page (mobile view).

See you at 15th jazzahead! in 2020!

Russian Jazz World stand in 2019: Butman Music Records producer Anton Sergeev greets the first visitor on the very first day of the exhibition!
Russian Jazz World stand in 2019: Butman Music Records producer Anton Sergeev greets the first visitor on the very first day of the exhibition!

Russian Jazz World co-exhibitors at jazzahead! in 2019:

  • Jazz Across Borders—international jazz forum & festival in St. Petersburg, including a professional conference, a showcase program, a club night, a trade fair, and a Gala concert with a star lineup!
  • Igor Butman Music Group—Russia’s premier jazz conglomerate which includes a record label (Butman Music Records,) a festival/concert production company, Igor Butman

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    Jazz Club in Moscow, and artists management for musicians associated with the projects led by saxophonist Igor Butman, Russia’s leading force in jazz music

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    medium;”>—Moscow-based conglomerate which includes a spacious jazz club, a rapidly growing artistic agency, and concert/tour production team

  • Jazz.Ru Magazine—Russia’s only regular jazz publication, based in Moscow
  • Jazz Research Center—jazz archive and research program: non-government organization based in Yaroslavl, de facto Russia’s jazz museum/research institute
  • Music design spb—private music imposrt/export agency in Saint-Petersburg
  • 2019 featured artists:

saxophonist, composer, producer, and educator Igor Butman

St.-Petersburg-based pianist, composer, bandleader, and producer Andrei Kondakov

Jazzahead-2019: Butman Music Records producer Anton Sergeev and Resonance Records VP / Blue Note historic reissues producer Zev Feldman
Jazzahead-2019: Butman Music Records producer Anton Sergeev

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and Resonance Records VP / Blue Note historic reissues producer Zev Feldman

At the Russian Jazz World stand

At the Russian Jazz World stand, April, 2018: L-R Evgeny Petrushansky (Rainy Days Records,) Jerry Teekens (Criss Cross Records,) and drummers from Russia (Sasha Mashin) and Estonia (Tanel Ruben) exchange their latest CDs!