Esse Jazz Club / Esse Jazz Agency, Moscow

ESSE LOGOPlease welcome the Esse Jazz Agency, the newest enterprise of the team behind Esse Jazz Club in Moscow!

Spanning over two floors of a historic 19th century building in central part of Moscow, which once was part of a wealthy merchant’s estate, one of the most versatile jazz clubs in Russian capital is working since 2011. With its state-of-art sound system and a worthy Yamaha grand piano, Jazz Club Esse is the home for true jazz aficionados, presenting wide stylistic array from straight-ahead to visionary modern, by Russia’s top jazz musicians of all generations, and a constant influx of visiting musicians from the U.S., Europe, and elsewhere in the world.


Esse is the focal point for a devoted community of jazz fans and jazz artists, and works on expanding the audience by presenting educational outreach events. Overall, Esse presents more than 50 performance sets and other events every month. The club’s production team also organizes large-scale concert shows in Moscow and elsewhere in Russia, on average about five a year. Esse provides the club venue for after-hours events of jazz festivals in Moscow (Usadba Jazz, Jazz at the Hermitage Garden, etc.) For the 4th consecutive year, Esse presents a marathon 10-hours International Jazz Day celebration on April 30, 2018.



Over the years of the Club’s existence, the club’s production team has organically grown to become a music agency. It organizes cultural exchange events and concerts in Moscow and other cities of Russia.
We have been collaborating for many years with jazz festivals, such as Usadba Jazz and Jazz in Hermitage Garden. We also are proud partners of Jazz Across Borders, the first jazz forum in Russia. Esse Music Agency was among the initiators of the Russian Jazz stand at JazzAhead!, the annual international jazz trade show in Bremen (Germany).
We are looking for international partners with background in jazz music, event management, established networking capacities to jointly assess the potential for the cultural exchange programs in your country/city. In addition, our collaborative programs are aiming at reaching new audiences internationally and helping to popularize jazz music from different countries in Russia.

Contact and 2018 Jazzahead! representative:
Anastasiia Ivanova, club/agency manager, mobile tel.+7(495)150-2848, +7(916)846-4630; email