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icon-mediaDB1A5BABOUT: Jazz.Ru took off in 1997 as a small jazz website in Russian and by 1999 turned into Russian Jazz Web central. With its 40.000 unique user sessions a month and twenty years of intense online experience, www.jazz.ru is the definitive source of jazz information for millions of Russian-speaking audiences worldwide. In 2007, Jazz.Ru also launched a full-color, 64-pages printed magazine, titled simply Jazz.Ru.

In 2016, the printed version has been suspended, with plans to resume publication on paper. Meanwhile, the Web version of the magazine is developing rapidly, with a focus on what the magazine’s staff is doing the best: artist interviews, analytic longreads, artist stories, essays on jazz history (especially domestic, uncovered by any other publication,) and longread, in-depth festival and concert reviews.
Website: www.jazz.ru/en/
Contact and 2019 Jazzahead! representative: Cyril Moshkow, publishing editor, mobile tel. +7(916)177-2059 (phone, Vaber, WhatsApp) / facebook.com/cyril.moshkow

Cyril Moshkow
Cyril Moshkow