Saxophonist Anatoly Osipov

icon-artistsDB1A5Bsaxophone (modern jazz / improv)

“Osipov’s aspiration to play in his own, unorthodox way, was evident from his first steps on stage. Amassing his experience, he definitely found his own voice and manner.” (Jazz Ru Magazine, 2015)
Rising star on the Russian jazz scene, composer / tenor saxophonist Anatoly Osipov mixes elements of jazz and modern classical music without limiting himself to any paints on the modern stylistic palette. A gifted composer, and an original improviser with spectacular performing skills and his own, recognizable sound, Osipov goes far beyond the traditional idioms to create his own original style.
Born in 1987, Anatoly studied classical piano and music theory at Samara Music College, 1,000 km east from Russia’s capital. At 22, Osipov moved to Moscow, to graduate from the jazz program at University of Culture and Arts as saxophonist five years later. Osipov debuted as a leader at 2015 Jazz over Volga River festival in Yaroslavl, but kept working on modern reading of Sephardic music in Grigory Sandomirsky’s Mediterranean Deconstruction Ensemble, performing music of Russian jazz composers in Alexey Kruglov’s Krugly Bend Orchestra, and playing pop jazz in Slava Tekuchev’s Good Sound Men Orchestra.
On Russian Jazz Scene stand at Jazzahead!, Anatoly presents his self-produced new album, “Post Jazz”, recorded in a duo with classically trained composer / improv pianist Alexey Nadzharov – Osipov’s debut international release. The same two play as Anatoly Osipov Trio with drummer Piotr Talalay; their live album is on the way.

AUDIO: ANATOLY OSIPOV – ALEXEY NADZHAROV — Midgard (Anatoly Osipov) 09:33
Anatoly Osipov ts, Alexey Nadzharov p

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