Dmitry Ilugdin

Dmitry Ilugdin Trio
Dmitry Ilugdin Trio

Dmitry entered the ranks of Russia’s leading jazz pianists while still at the Gnessins Russian Academy of Music in late 1990s, when he joined Arsenal, the legendary Russian jazz rock fusion group where he worked for ten years. Decorated with Triumph, Russia’s award for best young artists, Ilugdin also recorded a duo album with Arsenal’s leader and Russian jazz guru, saxophonist Alexey Kozlov (“Rethought Classics,” ArtBeat Music, 2012.) The same year Ilugdin released his debut album as a leader, “Nikitsky Boulevard” (ArtBeat Music,) followed by his sophomore release, “Reflection,” in 2017.

The latter album, featured in Europe Jazz Media Chart in January 2018, was recorded by Dmitry Ilugdin Trio, with two brilliant Muscovite jazz musicians as partners. Peter Ivshin, also a Russian Academy of Music graduate, is one of the busiest drummers in Moscow, who played with dozens of prominent local and international soloists such as David Sanborn. Bassist Victor Shestak, the master of both acoustic and electric variety of his instrument, literally stormed the Moscow jazz scene to become an in-demand sideman, has an unique gift of hearing his partners. Together, Dmitry, Peter, and Victor form one of the strongest piano trios on the Russian scene.


LISTEN: Dmitry Ilugdin Trio – Transformability (Ilugdin) 10:16
Dmitry Ilugdin – p, Victor Shestak – b, Peter Ivshin – dr
From “Reflection,” 2017. Courtesy © ArtBeat Music