Jazz Dance Orchestra

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Moscow-based, eight-piece Jazz Dance Orchestra specializes in jazzing pop and rock hits, and performing Russian folk songs as jazz pieces. Eight talented Russian musicians met in Moscow in 2004 with the idea to extend the sonorities of jazz, by making modern pop and rock hits sound as if they were written in the 1930s! Any sugary hit (like Mika’s ‘Relax’) they can turn into a jazz standard, giving it a taste of eternity. The JDO repertoire includes familiar hits made popular by Michael Jackson, Moby, Black Eyed Peas, ABBA, Deep Purple, Ace of Base, and many others.
In March, 2016, Jazz Dance Orchestra presented their new album “Jazz Roundelay” by a performance in the State Kremlin Palace. The album included famous Russian folk songs in original jazz versions. Previous album, “Russian Souvenir,” reached Top 10 at Russia’s biggest streaming service, Yandex Music, in 2014. In the danceable music of Jazz Dance Orchestra. the mysterious Russian soulfulness is mixed with the rhythms of New Orleans, Brazil, Cuba, and the golden era of swing, resulting in original and colorful multicultural mix of musical cultures.
Jazz Dance Orchestra performed at Russia’s biggest music festivals, their recordings were aired on top radio stations in Russia. For three years, JDO served as the house band at Russia’s nationwide TV First Channel’s comic show, ProjectorParisHilton.

JAZZ DANCE ORCHESTRA — Oi tsvetyot kalina (Russian folk song, arr. Vadim Zaidin) 04:41
vo: Irina Kononova

JAZZ DANCE ORCHESTRA — Valenki (Russian folk song, arr. Vadim Zaidin) 04:42
vo: Irina Kononova

courtesy United Music Group

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