Sasha Mashin

On April 20, 2018, prominent Russian jazz drummer Sasha Mashin released his debut album as a leader, “outsidethebox” (Rainy Days Records).

Sasha Mashin (photo © Evgeny Petrushansky)
Sasha Mashin (photo © Evgeny Petrushansky)

From Ted Panken’s liner notes:

…On this kinetic date, Mashin and his pianist and bassist of choice propel the flow for separate sets of original music by two of Russia’s most distinguished jazz exports—New York-based trumpeter Alexander Sipiagin and London-based alto saxophonist Evegeny “Zhenya” Strigalev. Call it global jazz with a Russian attitude.

Mashin’s path began in St. Petersburg, where he trained early on as a classical percussionist. He taught himself to play the drumset, and was already much-employed on several St. Petersburg scenes by 1995, when Igor Butman—himself a St. Petersburg native—returned to Russia from an eight-year stay in Boston and New York, and hired him for his quartet. In 1997, when Butman opened his first club in Moscow, Mashin followed, and remained, becoming an integral figure in upper echelon Russian jazz-modernism, and developing an international reputation in the collective MosGorTrio with pianist Yakov Okun and bassists Anton Revniuk or Makar Novikov, with whom, for more than a decade, he brought his big beat and exemplary musicality and taste to numerous bandstands with a diverse cohort of main-stem jazz heroes as Johnny Griffin, Benny Golson, James Spaulding, Kenny Barron, Eddie Henderson, Lew Tabackin, Donny McCaslin and Mark Turner. Later in the ’00s and into the ’10s, Mashin began to push the envelope further on intra-Russia tours on which the trio heard on outsidetebox (Novikov and keyboardist Alexey Ivannikov), and other configurations that included pianists Ivan Farmakovsky, Alexey Bekker and Vladimir Nesterenko (who plays flute on this album), played consequential engagements with, among others, J.D. Walter, Josh Evans, and Sipiagin.


LISTEN: Sasha Mashin – Sipiagin’s Mood (Mashin) 11:42
Sasha Mashin – dr, Alex Sipiagin – tp, Alexey Ivannikov – p, Makar Novikov – b, Rosario Giuliani – as, Hiske Oosterwijk – vo, lyrics
From “Outsidethebox,” © 2018. Courtesy Rainy Day Records