The Real Jazz Ambassadors, LLC

The Real Jazz Ambassadors, LLC (TRJA) is a US-based company that seeks to create jazz documentaries that explore jazz stories from around the world. Currently, TRJA is working on two projects: “The Real Jazz Ambassadors: Brubeck in Poland” and “Portraits of a Jazz Artist: Innokenty Ivanov”. The former, due in October, 2018, will chronicle the Darius Brubeck Quartet as they recreate the Dave Brubeck Quartet’s historic tour in Poland on its 60th Anniversary. The latter is a study in the musical life of a Moscow-based Ukrainian jazz artist during the Jazz Province festival held in Russia in November 2017. Portraits, as a documentary series, looks to show locally known jazz musicians from different parts of the world.

David E. Richardson, Jr.
Executive Producer/General Director

David E. Richardson, Jr.
David E. Richardson, Jr.

David received his love and passion for Jazz from his parents during their travels around the world. He spent a year in Siberia, Russia, teaching English in 2002, and became acquainted with many Russian Jazz artists. These friendships lead him to conceive the concept of “The Real Jazz Ambassadors” documentary series.

Michiel ten Kleij
Writer / Director

Michiel wrote and directed the jazz documentary “Un Mecato”, about a British jazz musician living in a downward spiral in Costa Rica. His most recently finished drama film, “Steven Caught a Star”, is now being internationally selected at several film festivals. Next to that, Michiel writes and directs music videos and pursues the goal of creating cool, original stories.

Contact and Jazzahead! representative: David E. Richardson, mobile tel. +1(603)233-9378